About me


I have always been driven to paint and nature is my biggest source of inspiration.

Texture plays a large part in my work, not only in the preparation of the canvas but
during the process of painting. I use mixed media, both oils and acrylic paints,
to build up a rich and dynamic surface of textures. A wonderful luminosity is
achieved by applying many layers of oil glaze.

Artists like Turner influence my work with the mood, atmosphere and light he creates.

My abstract landscapes focus on nature without human interference.
They reflect an idyllic world, devoid of people. Paint is applied with brush
and palette knife, sometimes the paint is allowed to do its own thing –
drip down by the force of gravity – though mostly the paint is skillfully
controlled to render the broad strokes of the landscape and the intimate
small details of the vegetation that inhabits it.

As well as producing self-inspired works, I receive many commissions
to create personalised paintings.

In 1997, I immigrated to Australia from South Africa, bringing new influences,
aspects and appreciations to my art. My life is now a rewarding balance of
my creative passions, raising my beautiful son and running a successful
Interior Design consultancy.

I love sharing my gifts with the world and am passionate about transforming
peoples’ living spaces with artworks that inspire.


+61 412 498 606